HOW WE ARE COMPENSATED Some work can be billed on a fixed price basis. Most real estate work is done this way. Some work is billed on an hourly basis. You will be responsible to pay your lawyer fees (what we get paid) plus disbursements (what we pay others on your behalf) and 7% PST on our fees and 5% GST on our fees and taxable disbursements.

  • Grace Morin’s hourly rate  is $395.00. However when Grace is retained as a Mediator her hourly rate is $450.00.
  • Ron Morin’s hourly rate is $395.00.


Incorporations Numbered Company: Starting at $1,050.00Named Company: Starting at $1,150.00Divorces Simple Uncontested Divorces (Without Children): Starting at $1,600.00 + taxes Simple Uncontested Divorces (With Children): Starting at $1,900.00 + taxesSeparation agreements and cohabitation agreements are billed at the lawyer’s hourly rate. In most cases a retainer for the whole or a portion of our estimated account will be collected before the work begins.Certificate of Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Basic ILA is billed at a one hour minimum fee of $395.00 + taxes & disbursements assuming the client brings in all documents for signing and delivers them to the lawyer or notary who prepared the documents Our fee will increase to $450.00 + taxes & disbursements (if our office must put together the document package and deliver documents back to the other lawyer or notary).. More complex situations will have additional hourly rate fees applicable