HOW WE ARE COMPENSATED  Some work can be billed on a fixed price basis. Most real estate work is done this way. Some work is billed on an hourly basis. You will be responsible to pay your lawyer fees (what we get paid) plus disbursements (what we pay others on your behalf), and tax on fees and taxable disbursements.• The  hourly rate for most legal services is $375.00 plus taxes.  



    • Numbered Company: Starting at $1,050.00

    • Named Company: Starting at $1,100.00

    Wills & Powers of Attorney

    • Wills start at $400.00 each plus taxes & disbursements (see note below).The fee for each blended family basic Will is $450.00 plus taxes & disbursements. Fees for Wills which re not basic and are more detailed are billed on an hourly rate as it depends on the complexity and time required to draft that detailed will. If this is a second or subsequent marriage with children for either or each of you from a previous relationship, then your account will have an additional fee based on the hourly rate of $375.00 plus tax for the additional legal advice that goes with this type of scenario as these situations are more complicated when it comes to drafting of a Will. Detailed Wills can vary in price depending on the complexity of that Will and the time needed for drafting each Will.

    • Powers of Attorney start at $375.00 each plus taxes & disbursements (see note below).

    Please Note: Fees for the preparation of a Will and Power of Attorney depend on the complexity and the amount of time required by the lawyer for drafting. Our lawyers bill on an hourly basis for this work. The policy of Morin Law is to conduct an initial office consultation with the client, during which time the lawyer takes instructions from the client for the preparation of the Will, Power of Attorney and/or any other estate planning requirements.  The client is expected to pay the lawyer for this office consultation, at the lawyer’s hourly rate at the time of the appointment in cash or cheque. This fee will be applied to the final statement of account should the client go forward with the preparation of the Will, Power of Attorney and other estate planning work.  At this initial consultation, the lawyer can better determine the complexity of the Will and/or Power of Attorney and provide the client with a more definite fee quotation. Should the client then wish to proceed with the work, the lawyer will collect a retainer as an estimate of the final bill prior to any work being undertaken.  Please note that we do offer package pricing for couples or multiple documents.



    This agreement allows you to name a person or persons to make decisions on your behalf for your medical issues and your physical wellbeing when you are not able to make such decisions.  The fee for one basic individual Representation Agreement is $395.00 each plus taxes & disbursements.  Fees for Representation Agreements which are not basic and are more detailed are billed on an hourly rate as it depends on the complexity and time required to draft that detailed agreement. If we are preparing mirrored Representation Agreements for a couple and all other terms are the same, then each Representation Agreement will cost $295.00 plus taxes & disbursements. This same fee also applies if the Representation Agreement is being prepared at the same time as a Will and\or Power of Attorney for just one person.


    Any other estate planning legal work requested by you will be given a separate quote at our initial office conference, or if you simply need an office conference to obtain information about Wills and Powers of Attorney or Representation Agreements and will not be providing instructions to draft a Will or other documents, then you will only pay for the time you spent with the lawyer at that lawyer’s hourly rate of$395.00 per hour plus taxes for that office conference. Please note there is a minimum 1 hour charge.  The payment is due, either by cheque or cash after the meeting with the lawyer (sorry, no debit or credit cards).


    If work is being requested so that the documents must be prepared less than 14 days from the date the instructions are given, an additional rush fee of $395.00 plus taxes, will be added to the account for such rush service.

    If a hospital or home visit is required to obtain instructions for preparation of any Will, Power ofAttorney or Representation Agreement, a retainer ranging in the amount of $2,000.00 to $3,500.00 is required prior to attendance at the hospital or home. All work is billed at the hourly rate of $395.00 perhour plus disbursements and taxes. We will keep this retainer in our general trust account for your benefit until we send you our first bill. At that time, we will transfer money from your retainer to helppay that bill. If the retainer should be used up by our first bill, we will ask you to pay the balance of that bill, and provide us with a further retainer. At the end of your case, if there are any funds remaining intrust as part of your retainer, after deducting any unpaid or final bills, any GST or PST and any unpaid expenses, then we will refund such funds to you.

    Certificate of Independent Legal Advice

    • $375.00 + taxes & disbursements

    $525.00 + taxes & disbursements (if the lawyer must prepare the Certificate of ILA)


  • Lawyers with expertise in many areas of law.
  • Lawyers qualified to handle issues in such related legal areas as estates, corporate and business law. Issues in these areas of law often arise out of what begin as standard real estate transactions. Only lawyers are qualified to represent you in these areas of law.
  • An experienced team of real estate legal assistants.
  • Competitive fee structures.


    • PURCHASE - Without Financing: $875.00
    • PURCHASE - With One Mortgage: $1175.00
    • SALE - No Mortgages: $625.00
    • SALE - One Mortgage: $775.00
    • NEW MORTGAGE - No Conveyancing (Clear Title) - New Mortgage: $675.00
    • NEW MORTGAGE - One Discharge Involved: $875.00
    (Please Note: To Discharge an Existing Second Mortgage, add an additional $150.00)

*Figures quoted are for standard transactions. They do not include: Disbursements (what we pay third parties on your behalf) GST & PST on legal fees, costs associated with clearing charges from title (except as noted above) or paying out other debts, bridge financing, strata property documents, title insurance, site surveys, escrow closings, builders lien holdbacks, tenancy issues, payment of utility and tax bills, and strata maintenance arrears, tax certificates, out of area couriers, TAF, Juricet, E-Conveyance fees and insurance binders.*Additional fees and disbursements may be charged for transactions in which further contract negotiation is needed; on purchases for which we receive written instructions to act within 10 working days of the date of completion; final written mortgage instructions, with no further changes, less than 5 working days from the funding date; and for mortgages from lenders other than the major Chartered Banks and Credit Unions.*Please note that for Sale and Purchase prices over $750,000.00:(a) add $100. 00 plus taxes for properties valued between $750,000 - $1 Million;(b) add $200.00 plus taxes for properties valued between $1 Million - $1.5 Million;(c) for properties valued over $1.5 Million, please call Ron Morin for an accurate quote.Please note that for Mortgages/Refinances valued over $750,000.00:(a) add $100.00 plus taxes for Mortgages/Refinances valued between $750,000 - $1 Million;(b)  add $200.00 plus taxes for Mortgages/Refinances valued between $1 Million and $1.5 Million;(c) for Mortgages/Refinances valued over $1.5 Million, please call Ron Morin for an accurate quote.Please Note: This document is for general guidance only. It is not a contract offer. Please phone us for a detailed quote.