Real Estate


  • PURCHASE - Without Financing: $875.00
  • PURCHASE - With One Mortgage: $1175.00
  • SALE - No Mortgages: $625.00
  • SALE - One Mortgage: $775.00
  • NEW MORTGAGE-No Conveyancing Involved: $675.00


  • Lawyers with expertise in many areas of law.
  • Lawyers qualified to handle issues in such related legal areas as estates, corporate and business law. Issues in these areas of law often arise out of what begin as standard real estate transactions. Only lawyers are qualified to represent you in these areas of law.
  • An experienced team of real estate legal assistants.
  • Competitive fee structures.

* If a mortgage discharge is required for a refinance, or a second or further mortgage is to be discharged on a sale, then add an additional $150.00 in fees plus costs plus taxes per mortgage.*Figures quoted are for standard real estate transactions. They represent our legal fees (what we get paid). Not included are fees associated with such matters as escrow closings, income tax and other holdbacks, tenancy issues, payment of property tax arrears, clearing charges from title (except as noted above) or paying out other debts such as bridge financing, deferred property taxes, liens, judgments and similar debts. Additional fees and disbursements may be charged for transactions in which further contract negotiation is needed; on purchases for which we receive written instructions to act within 5 working days of the date of completion; final written mortgage instructions, with no further changes, less than 5 working days from the funding date; and for some mortgages from lenders other than the major Chartered Banks, Credit Unions, First National Financial and MCAP.  Disbursement (what we pay others on your behalf) are not included. Taxes on legal fees and taxable disbursements will be extra.* For Sale and Purchase prices over $750,000.00:(a) add $100. 00 plus taxes for properties valued between $750,000 - $1 Million;(b) add $200.00 plus taxes for properties valued between $1 Million - $1.5 Million;(c) for properties valued over $1.5 Million, please call MLC Lawyers Law Corporation for an accurate quote.* For Mortgages/Refinances valued over $750,000.00:(a) add $100.00 plus taxes for Mortgages/Refinances valued between $750,000 - $1 Million;(b) for Mortgages/Refinances valued between $1 Million and $1.5 Million add $200.00 in fees.(b) for Mortgages/Refinances valued over $1.5 Million, please call for an accurate quote.  Please Note: This document is for general guidance only. It is not a contract offer. Please phone us at 604-538-9887 for a personalized detailed quote.